Community Resources

This is a listing of other resources in the south Wood County region which directly or indirectly address food insecurity issues for its citizens.


Food Distribution:

A United Way initiative, The South Wood County Hunger Coalition, has put together a resource listing which identifies the resources dedicated all, or in part, to addressing hunger in our region. Click on the link below for this full description. We have also provided quick links to many of those listed.


Other Community resources:


Churches and centers of faith

The following churches already support SWEPS and actively provide volunteers who assist in the distribution of food. If you see your church listed below, consider joining those already participating. If you would like to organize your church or center of faith to participate, call us or contact our Operations staff at We encourage our community to consider SWEPS as a deserving recipient of outreach efforts to those in need. A special "thank you" to those dedicated people who, through their spiritual affiliation, already assist SWEPS in its mission. Here is a list of churches in our community already participating: