Why Donate?

In 2017, SWEPS distributed a seven day supply of food to over 15,000 people in south Wood County. It takes money to fund these efforts. SWEPS receives no government assistance whatsoever. The ability to reach those in need is entirely the reflection of a community's interest, concern, energy, and generosity. The impact made in 2017 to identify and serve the hungry of Wood County was due to the financial support we received.  Your continued support is absolutely vital to the mission of SWEPS.


there is a need.

SWEPS addresses that need.

In 2016, SWEPS nearly tripled the number if individuals served over the previous year. The move to the larger facility, the expanded hours of service, and efforts to increase client awareness of our services are largely the reasons for such a dramatic increase. 

Food insecurity in Wood County was so resourcefully addressed that in 2016, Feeding America - Eastern Wisconsin removed Wood County as the sole county in its region failing to meet the needs of its hungry population. These numbers illustrate that success.  

Yet the numbers continue to grow. .

Donated food only goes so far

We are grateful to those of you who are able to donate food items. 

Our Direct Connect partners are absolutely crucial in maintaining the supply of fresh produce and grocery goods to the pantry. In 2017, over 415,000 pounds of food -the equivalent of 9 full truckloads - was donated to SWEPS via the Direct Connect program. The contributions of our Direct Connect partners are the foundation for our donations.

Food drives provide weeks of welcome relief and allow us to re-stock and even build an inventory of desperately needed items.

The support of Feeding America allows us to purchase items from them at considerable cost savings.

Nonetheless, the greatest line-item expense in the 2016 budget was for food items purchased on the retail market to mitigate shortages on our shelves.  Without those funds, serious deficits would be experienced. Donations allow us to continue our efforts without having to turn away clients due to supply issues, or minimize our hours of service.

Your Contributions make this happen

Please consider a financial donation to SWEPS to continue the effort to provide nourishing food to those in South Wood County who are not assured of their next meal. We are a charitable 501 (c) (3) organization and your contributions are fully tax deductible. The proper receipts will be issued.

You can donate online by following this link: 

Donate Now

Or, you can write a check to SWEPS. Mail it to

2511 8th Ave South, #242,  Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494. 

Be assured that 100% of your donation will go to support the efforts to increase food security in your community. 

NEW!: Shop with AmazonSmiles and .5% of your purchase price goes to SWEPS. Click on link below.

Click here to shop and donate part of your payment to SWEPS.   

Click here to shop and donate part of your payment to SWEPS.